Climb Paws - Advancing Stealthy Hunting Technology

Why I invented Climb Paws

Climb Paws climbing steps are the most stable, lightest, portable, quietest, stealthiest, legal climbing system that work on any tree.

Iím a hunter whose first love is bowhunting for big bucks. To harvest the biggest bucks I found getting away from other hunters and up a tree quieter, quicker, comfortably, and not a sweaty mess gave me a huge advantage. When we invented Climb Paws everything from the fiber coating, to the no slip stepping surface was designed to make a stealtier, quieter, safer, lighter, and more comfortable climbing system.

Climb Paws have made me a better hunter, They will make you a better hunter.

Northwoods Sporting Journal Article!

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Customer Demonstration Video
Check out the excellent demonstration video from one of our satisfied customers! Click here to view it!

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